What in the World?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the blog,

I would like to formally introduce a new segment of this blog called “What in the World?“, in which I talk about some current events that happened in the world this past week. 

*Disclaimer: I am not an expert in anything. These words are not the end all, be all of news. I will include a link (or several) in each event I choose to write about. But also…this is my choice. I pick the stories. I will try to be as inclusive as possible, but I may miss one or two events that you deem important. If that’s the case, write me a comment, drop me a line, send a carrier pigeon! I hope to do this each week, so any advice/critiques/praise you have for this is greatly appreciated! (Or this will just disappear into the abyss of my broken dreams.) 

Biggest Story of the Week: 


Everyone is still reeling from the Charlie Hebdo attack from last week. For those of you that only read this blog, the French satirical magazine was sieged by two gunmen and 12 people were killed, including the editor. The two gunmen turned out to be brothers, and they are both dead now. But the terror attacks haven’t stopped. This week, at least 17 people have died in related terrorist attacks in France. People around the world are standing in solidarity with the French as they grieve this national horror that is taking over the thoughts and minds of many today. But grief isn’t the only emotion. Now, more than ever, are citizens of many nations standing together to stop terrorism, in whatever form it comes in. 

But to make matters worse, the Yemen branch of al-Qaeda took responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attacks and claims, nay, vows more violence to come. These incidents are becoming more and more international each day, and the only way we are going to be able to stop this is by banding together. 


On the domestic side…

Virginia is for lovers, and you know we just love our criminals as much as our senators. Heck, sometimes they are even the same thing! Okay, I exaggerate because he isn’t a senator, but Joseph Morrissey is an indicted criminal who will be serving a second term as a Virginia House delegate…in jail. Long scandal short, he had sexual relations with a minor, which led to some other stuff that put him in the big house. Because yes, we know, Virginia is for lovers. 


That thing you shouldn’t forget about: 

ISIS is still a very real, a very scary threat to global order. It’s still in Iraq and Syria, and it’s still taking over more towns. And it’s not going to go away soon. Nor are their videos of executions. Click here and here


And the cause for celebration:

Cuba released 53 prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, which means that it upheld its side of the bargain made with the US. This means that we are finally on our way to repairing the relationship with Cuba, after some very harsh tensions from the Cold War. It feels almost as good as having Friends on Netflix. 


Well, this is it for this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the first installment of What in the World? If you think there was a bigger story that I missed, tell me about it and expand my knowledge! Have a fantastic Friday!


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