Throwback Thursday: The Digital Edition

Happy Thursday!

In honor of social media’s dubbed, Throwback Thursday, let’s take a trip down memory lane… What was your first computer?

I got my first computer, a Toshiba laptop, as a Christmas present in middle school. My dad found them really cheap during Black Friday, and bought both my mom and I one. Since then, I’ve gone through 4 laptops..I think? Usually a laptop will only last me about two years (a.k.a. I drop everything and never buy protective cases). But, why this sudden splurge into my past? Because I finally got a new laptop! 

If you follow me on instagram (@the_leighpster), you would see that about 6 weeks back, my laptop was holding on to one hinge. I honestly don’t know how it has survived this long (it still works!!), but the wires are coming out from behind and you can’t close it correctly. Suffice to say, I needed a new laptop like Britney Spears needed a new hairstylist in 2007. 

Now, I have to transfer all of my files from my old laptop to my new one. I’m not so certain how I feel about all this “Cloud Storage”, but I think I have to give it a chance… I had zero space left on my old laptop. And then I read this article by the Daily Beast, and it showed me the light…I AM a digital hoarder. 

I love collecting information. I love organizing files in color coded and cleverly named folders. But this problem has really gotten out of hand as of late. I want to save every article I read (which is really hard to do online..), so normally I keep articles in my browser for days at times, never closing them (or shutting down my computer…). 

It’s really funny to think about how quickly information passes in and out of our lives now, due to the internet. In an instant, I can read an article that was published in France. I can communicate with someone in China. Someone in India can read this blog post. Even though there’s so much information and communication happening between the people of the world digitally, we shouldn’t forget to put the laptop down and interact with an actual human. Or read an actual book. 

I believe that there is so much power in knowledge gained outside of the computer. As much as I love those free, online college classes you can partake in (what up, it’s no substitute from learning by experience. 

I know that I’m a digital hoarder and I love every part of it. But, sometimes it’s worth it to put away the computer. That article will be there tomorrow. The experience that I’m missing out while being glued to my computer screen, will not. 

Now stop reading this and go talk to a real living being! 


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