Do You Really Know Your Friends?

One of my “not resolutions” New Year’s resolutions is to really get to know my friends. Since entering college, I’ve made so many more friends than I ever thought possible. It really is hard to keep track of them all, and at times I feel guilty for leaving people out simply because I don’t have enough time in the day to think about them. So, for 2015, I am pruning my friends, separating the acquaintances from the best friends, letting friendships go for people I’ve grown apart from, and strengthening relationships with people who I yearn to know more about. (Sidenote: If you are my friend and are reading this, please don’t think I’m “dropping” you as a friend. It is 99.99999% likely that I am not and that we will continue to be better friends by each passing day. Never fear, friend Leigh is here.)


 I can know the “facts” of their life, their lists of favorites, what they want to do when they grow up, even horrible stories from their youth. But do I know the inner workings of their hearts? What makes them tick? Their deepest fears? If you’re hoping to strengthen relationships in 2015, here are a few uncomfortable questions you should ask your friends to get to know them better.


P.S. Don’t forget to share your answers too, so that they can do the same.


    1. What is one thing you’re insecure about?
    2. Who inspires you the most?
    3. What is your deepest wish in the world?
    4. Why are we friends?***** This one questions an entire friendship and causes you both to seriously think about whether a friendship is destructive or boosting to both individuals.
    5. Are you happy with your life?
    6. Do you have any regrets?
    7. Where do you see yourself (honestly) in 10 years?
    8. What are you most afraid of?
    9. What is a character trait you wish you had?
    10. What characteristic are you most proud of?
    11. What is your deepest guilty pleasure?
    12. What is one thing that no one knows about you?
    13. What is one thing that’s hard to admit to yourself?
    14. What brings you the most joy?
    15. What’s your favorite part of the day?


I love asking questions and being asked questions alike, so use these to guide your next conversation with a friend, whether it’s a friend you wish to be better friends with or if it’s a friend you feel you have drifted apart from. Take the initiative and strengthen that friendship to make 2015 the year of the friends.



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