Recap: the Passion Weekend

The one of two pictures I took throughout this whole trip. Yes, there's a ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta.

The one of two pictures I took throughout this whole trip. Yes, there’s a ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta.

This past weekend, a group of college kids (including myself) from my home church drove to Atlanta, Georgia, where 20,000 other college students filled the Phillips Arena to worship and learn more about God. The Passion 2015 Conference was one of the most amazing events I’ve ever attended. We had the opportunity to listen to amazing speakers such as Louie Giglio, John Piper, Carl Lentz, Ben Stuart, and Francis Chan, and got to rock out to amazing music by Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill Matt Redman, Crowder, and more. It was such an inspirational and motivational weekend. My eyes were opened to so many things and I am so blessed I had the opportunity to go.


Here are 5 things I learned this weekend:


    1. Matt Redman is British. Did that never occur to you either? His voice doesn’t sound British when he sings! But, in fact, he hails from Brighton, West Sussex, and singing 10,000 Reasons acoustically with 20,000 other college students was one of the most impactful moments.
    2. Everything’s bigger in Atlanta. I don’t know how tall the arena was, but we had seats two rows from the very top, and being able to look out among all of the other people standing and singing was amazing. The sheer power created in that moment is enough to quell any doubts I had about God’s existence. (Our hotel rooms were also on the 54th (!!!!!) floor of a hotel with at least 70 floors. That was the highest I’ve ever slept before. What a view. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the view (the first night/morning it was super foggy in Atlanta.)

      This doesn't show perspective very well, but this was my hotel. Very tall and very circular.

      This doesn’t show perspective very well, but this was my hotel. Very tall and very circular.

    3. The power of college students is not to be underestimated. There are ten unreached people groups in Middle East/Southeast Asia, and for one people group to be reached, $85,000 needs to be raised. The goal for all three conferences is to donate $850,000 so that all 10 people groups can be reached. Saturday night, our conference raised one-third of the money necessary, and an added donation allowed us to raise $415,000. In one night. When college students are motivated, nothing is impossible. So if there are at least 20,000 college students in the world motivated to spread Christ’s love to all people, then I believe it’s possible. (I tried to find links to confirm this information and prove that I’m not deceiving you, but alas, I have failed…)
    4. “What you think about is what you care about, and what you care about is what you will chase.” Just some inspirational words from the mouth of Ben Stuart.
    5. The app/game, Trivia Crack, can sustain a whole busload of college students (namely, my friends) for hours. If you don’t have it/never heard of it before, download it now. It’s very fun and free and makes you feel smarter for having played it.


I learned so much more than this random assortment of anecdotes, but not all can be put accurately into words and condensed here. I am eternally grateful to have spent my weekend doing something that will inspire me for the rest of my life.


Life is short, but God is big.



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