Welcome to November

*Disclaimer: There’s no picture for this post. Sorry. 

I know. I know. It’s been over two weeks. 

I have had so many ideas of what to write about, so many things I wanted to share, and yet… I have been too busy to even sit down and write. I wanted to tell y’all about the struggle of midterm papers, the first college Model UN conference I got to go (!!!!! So exciting!!!!), my newfound appreciation of T.S. Eliot (everything but The Waste Land), The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown (a musical I found on Youtube that never made it to Broadway but it is so excellent I wish I could fund it to get there myself), the arrival of fall (it’s finally cold here!!) and everything in between. October was a really busy month, and November honestly doesn’t look any easier.

I have learned several things this past month. It’s been a topsy turvy kind of semester, one of those where I think ” Oh, this is just a busy spell, it’ll be all good soon.” Wrong. My refusal to listen to anyone’s warnings about overextending myself has once again shown me my stubbornness.

I got sick last week, and I’m just now starting to get better. I tried to do too much with too little time in the day, like always. This isn’t my first post about this, and it won’t be my last. However, this time it wasn’t my mental capacities that broke down. My body couldn’t handle it this time. 

Ways in which you’re sure to implode, mentally or physically:

    1. Overscheduling to the point where there are three things to do at the same time on the same day. And still attempting to do all of them.    Check.
    2. Not eating enough nutritional foods.     Check.
    3. Not getting more than 6 (at max) hours of sleep each night.     Check.
    4. Not being able to work out.      Check.


All of these led to me getting sick enough where I had to stop going to class and just rest for several days. I’m still not 100% back on my feet yet. It’s hard because I feel like I’m missing out on so much, but leaving time for your body to recover is really, really, REALLY important. (Sometimes I need to take my own advice…)

 I had thrown myself into college this semester, which is great, it’s a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong.. But I have completely neglected my blog and everything I wanted to do with it. My blog doesn’t exist just for you to read. It’s also for me. It helps me reorganize my thoughts and recharge. I’m not writing these things just so you can see that I live this perfect life. All too often we use social media as a way to brag about the good parts of our lives while hiding the rough. But seriously….do I sound like I have it all under control? I’m learning every day how to be a more efficient, compassionate, organized, hardworking adult. As I’m nearing my 20th birthday, I thought I would have the answers by now. I don’t. I don’t think anyone will ever have all the answers. But this blog is here for me to show you the answers that I’ve figured out along the way.

So I’m sorry that I got too stuck outside of my own head. I have a tendency to either get stuck inside or outside. Balance is what I lack and it’s what I need to find the most. One post a week is all I’m promising. But it’s a promise, and it is my November resolution to make it happen.


I just hope you’ll join me in figuring out how to balance everything in our crazy, overscheduled, workaholic lives.


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