A Pinterest Perspective

Hello again!


Hope your Monday wasn’t as long as mine felt- midterms are quickly approaching here at the College and it’s getting extra stressful (another cup of coffee please!).


However, amidst all the stress and cramming, I finally feel like I have some sort of time management on my life. I am definitely operating at max capacity, but I’m no longer swimming in stress. I give myself a due date for everything, even including when to start thinking about a certain test or paper. I know it sounds trivial, but that alone is super helpful when I don’t have to think about that paper on Frost until tomorrow. This type of schedule allows me to leave 30 minutes of free-me time each night before I go to bed. Sure, I could sleep that extra 30 minutes, but this time lets me decompress and refocus for the next day.


I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed Pinterest until today. It can seem like a waste of time, pinning away pictures of everything you could possibly want, variations of a future home you most likely will never have; you can even plan your perfect wedding without ever leaving your bed. To many mothers’ standpoints (like mine), I could be doing something more productive.

But Pinterest is perfect for stressed out, type A individuals like me.

pinterest 2


Pinterest works like a bulletin board. You see a picture of a product, quote, recipe, workout, etc that you like, and you pin it onto a virtual bulletin board you have created (preferable with a cool title) so that you can go back to that board and see the conglomeration of all the pins you’ve pinned since day one.


It is precisely that act of compartmentalizing things that I want or like into little boxes (or boards) that I find so liberating. Pinterest acts as a tool to organize my thoughts, it allows me to sort out the thoughts/images in my head and place them in the appropriate box.


Taking a 5 minute Pinterest break when you are overstressed or trying to study really difficult material can help you organize your thoughts and learn to categorize better. I’m no psychology student, but this makes sense to me.


Pinterest is like a puzzle. Categorizing images is just practice for categorizing the information you need to learn in your classes. If there was a game kind of like a reverse Jeopardy, where you had to put the vocabulary words and definitions back into their respective categories, I bet I could learn the information even better than I learn it now.


But those are just a few thoughts that I had while studying (and taking a Pinterest break). I mean, Pinterest is great if only for the sheer number of pictures of baby animals you can find on it. I’m a huge fan.

kitten pinterest blog

A winking kitten, courtesy of a quick Pinterest search!


So think about it! Do you think Pinterest is a way to practice studying and compartmentalizing information or just a way to distract yourself from the big problems of reality? Let me know!


I hope your Tuesday is super duper!!


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