Alone Yet Not Alone

So there’s this movie, Alone Yet Not Alone, that my friend Ting and I (along with others) went to go see one time.

alone yet not alone

Disclaimer: I do not recommend this movie.

It’s about the French and Indian war…and it’s very cheesy, poorly produced, and highly historically inaccurate (they tried to disguise the Wren building as Philadelphia…like no.)

But anyway, the basic plot of the movie is that these girls get kidnapped by Indians (ahem, I mean Native Americans) and they stay strong by remembering this song their mother used to sing to them: Alone, yet not alone.

(Yes, there is a song. We almost (jokingly) sang it for church.)

Now, the movie had a Christian background, and the girls prayed to God to get them out of the Indians’ grasp, so the message for the movie was: don’t fear because God is always with you. 

But..the message it presented can be wrongly applied to today’s standards.

Don’t get me wrong, God doesn’t abandon you in times of trouble and desperation. You will never be completely alone because God will always be with you. Yes, that part is true.

But that doesn’t mean we are supposed to be alone.

I always thought that with Christianity, I could keep my faith to myself and still grow. I could be “alone yet not alone” and everything would be fine.

I was enormously wrong.

God does not want us to be alone. Jesus gathered 12 disciples to band together after he left for heaven. It is with others that we can achieve more than by ourselves. (#unitedwestand, anyone?)

You wouldn’t expect to learn Organic Chemistry on your own. So how can you expect to practice your faith and learn more about God alone? Everyone needs someone to learn with.

Don’t be like me. Don’t ignore this whole thing called community and fellowship that God left us with. I’m just now finding out about it, and I can’t believe I imagined I could live without it. The friends that I have made through Christian organizations have been the most impactful on my life. This may be a shameless plug, but if you’re in college like me, get involved on your campus. I’m just beginning to, and it’s already changing my life.

The bottom line? God doesn’t want us to be “alone yet not alone.” With Him, anything is possible.

But with another follower of Christ, anything is more possible.



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