First Days

There isn’t much I love more than the first day of classes. Even to this day, I have trouble sleeping the night before because I am too excited. I don’t know what makes packing your backpack for the next morning or picking out your outfit so satisfying. Even now that I’m in college, where the first day of class is nothing more than introductions and explaining the syllabus, there’s just something about the first day of class that makes me immeasurably enthusiastic.

“Firsts” are always exciting. Whether it’s your first day at a new job, or at a new school, or even a first date, there’s always a little bit of you that will be nervous. But there’s magic in the first. It’s an opportunity to start afresh; you can change what previously didn’t work out for you, and vow to be a different person. Or you can vow to be the same person… But either way, everything is new on a first day.

It’s strange that my first day of class is starting mid-week, but that’s just how it is at my college. All throughout public school, our first day of school was after Labor Day. Now that I’m at a certain college and my friends all go to different colleges, we all have different “first days”. No more can we gush over each other’s first day of school outfits at the same time- thank goodness for social media for making it easier for us! 

Sometimes after “first days” we lose sight of the empowering mindset that a first can give us. But, if you wake up with the mindset that every day is a first day, then I don’t see how you could have a bad day any day.

Today is a first day for me, but tomorrow will also be a first day. And so will Friday. Each day can be a first, and that is really relieving if you become a super stressed out bundle of nerves like me at times. This year I’m trying to approach every day with calm yet passionate intentions and to never forget what my true goals are. 

I had a great first day, and I hope, wherever you are, you did too.

P.S. The reason that this post is so late in the day is because I tried to get a cool picture for this post, and ultimately failed. My deepest apologies. 



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