20 Women Who Are Changing The World

So. It’s Thursday. Yayyyyyy.

Yesterday I wrote about how I would post one inspirational thing every Wednesday, yadda yadda yadda.

But I’m going to do that thing again today.

I’m sorry, I just had to…it’s so good.


women changing the world

Marie Claire posted an article about the “20 Women Who Are Changing Your World.”

These women work for organizations that they created to help make the world better. For example, Alicia Keys is cofounder of Keep a Child Alive which provides people in Africa and India with food, medicine, and care. Gabrielle Giffords is cofounder of Americans Responsible for Solutions, which advocates for gun laws. These women are making a huge difference in the world. It’s empowering to us, as young women, to see how much women can accomplish.


I have a passion for changing the world. As a little kid, I thought everyone wanted to. Ever since I was little I wanted to go to Africa to help. Now that I’m older, I see so much more of the world and all that it needs. When I finally have a career, I want it to be in something that affects positive change in the world. That’s one of my personal requirements for a job.


What really stuck out to me was a quote from Rachel Lloyd, founder of the Girls Educational and Monitoring Services. She was asked what people would be surprised to find out about her, and she answered that she loves home decorating, clothes, and shoes. But she also said

“I think people think, when you’re a leader in this work, that you spend all of your time thinking about how to change the world, but as a complex, normal human being, you have to have other things in your life that make you happy.”


For anyone that knows me, I have trouble finding balance. I like to go 100% at whatever job I’m doing, or whatever passion strikes my fancy for the moment. Like when I’m in my I-want-to-change-the-world mindsets, I want to give up all of my possessions and immediately do all in my power to help.


But that doesn’t affect efficient change. Sometimes being too radical in your ideas, while a good thing, can also not be as helpful as donating a little time at first to something, instead of throwing your entire life into it. If you want to be in the business of humanitarianism, that’s great. But you also are allowed to have other hobbies. I didn’t really believe that until today.


So if you want to be a woman or man who changes the world for the better, relax. You don’t have to throw your likes and interests away to do it. It’s better to keep your personality in your work, and you’ll be a lot happier.


Happy Thursday, and go change the world.



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