Oy Vey

Oy Vey.

Do you ever have one of those days when the clock is ticking faster than normal?

That’s how it’s going to be for me until I leave for college (T minus 5 days!!!). I have been putting off packing for the longest time…and now I’m way behind on it.

My week last week felt crazy busy. I’ve definitely had weeks where I’ve been busier than I was last week, but it just felt like I was doing something all the time. There was always one more thing to do. An impromptu trip to Charlotte definitely alleviated some of the stress for the moment, but I’m now realizing that I have a TON of things to do this week before I leave.

Sometimes it feels easier to just take a nap instead of think about everything that has to get done. (Counter productive, I know…)

Most of my friends are already leaving for college. I’ve had to say goodbye after goodbye, which makes me think about the imminent goodbye in my future. (Not that it’s really goodbye, my college is only an hour away, so…it’s not that far.)

But, to all you college freshmen out there:

If you thought that packing for college was hard this year, it gets even harder next year.

College packing becomes more difficult for two reasons:

    1. You’ve done it once. You know you can pack everything in little time, therefore procrasti-packing occurs.
    2. You know that all of the stuff you crammed in your tiny dorm last year is unnecessary this year. So you have to weed out all of the things you didn’t use, contrary to your own belief that yes, I will indeed use that. Who cares if I didn’t iron a single article of clothing last year, I’ll be better about it this year. (You most likely won’t, so don’t even bother.)

I need to take my own advice…….but against my better judgment I’m still bringing my iron and ironing board.

    1. It will always feel like you’re missing something. And that feeling won’t go away until you’re all moved in to your new living space for the year. So it’s best just to ignore that feeling (as much as possible).


The bottom line: Packing is and will always be stressful. Moving is stressful. And to constantly re-move into college each year seems like a hassle (in my mind at least). But when I get super stressed about packing, I like to remember that at some point, I will be in my own house, settled, for an indefinite period of time and not have to think about moving for several long years in a row.


Happy packing, and good luck to all of those beginning their first year of college this week!


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