Holy Moly Monday



I don’t hate Mondays.


A lot of people go to bed Sunday night, dreading the inevitable morning that will follow- the start of the work week. Mondays are infamous for bad days, where everything goes wrong and your boss yells at you for no reason and you spill coffee on your favorite shirt. The Bangles even wrote a song about them (Is Manic Monday anyone else’s favorite jam?)


But I don’t really see the difference between Mondays and Tuesdays..or Wednesdays, Thursdays, etc. It’s just another day, and there’s no reason for it to be thought of as the devil of the week. If anything, Mondays should be joyous because they start a new week. Goals are set on Mondays, new habits are begun on Mondays. Monday are where you can mark the change in your mindset by focusing on the positives that can come for the rest of the week.

But that isn’t what this post is about.


A couple weeks ago in church, we talked about the Holy Spirit- what it was, how it works, and how to use it for the Church specifically. One point of discussion was why we don’t talk about it more.

Growing up in church, I don’t really remember having month long topics on The Holy Spirit. I mean, everyone’s familiar with God and Jesus, but why not the third part of the Trinity?


So, I read a book about it. More specifically, Forgotten God by Francis Chan. (For those of you who don’t know, Francis Chan is one of the most gifted speakers and writers of the Christian faith. He also wrote Crazy Love, which is crazy good.)


We don’t really talk about the Holy Spirit that much because it’s hard to wrap our heads around. It is a part of God, living inside you. It should dictate your actions and you should live according to the Spirit. We’re taught that it’s kind of like the voice that tells you right from wrong. It gives you options, and that’s how you make decisions. And I mean, I always knew that, but I never really believed it or felt it working until recently.


When I became injured, I didn’t know what to do. God (figuratively) closed the doors on all the plans I had set up for myself. I prayed, because there really wasn’t anything else to do. And then I started to feel convicted, by what I originally had always deemed as God, but was actually the Spirit. And so I started reading the Bible more. And praying more. And then a huge tidal wave of fierce Jesus love washed over me (corny, I know) and it made me change my entire thinking.


My only question about this whole thing, this change of heart I had, was: Why now?

Why am I suddenly so ‘into’ God now? Why did God let me get as far as I did skating again and take it all away at this moment?


Francis Chan answered that question for me: “The Spirit is not a passive power that we can wield as we choose. The Spirit is God, a Being who requires that we submit ourselves to be led by Him.”

And yes, that Being, that Spirit, really will require you to submit yourself to be led by Him. It made me do it.


I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but here I am, suddenly so unafraid to write this to the world. I believe in the Holy Spirit and what it’s doing in me, and I believe that it will awaken in you too (and it’ll be less messy if it doesn’t force itself to ignite in you but rather you ask it to, trust me).


“The Spirit desires to use us when our hearts are aligned with this vision, when we are filled with genuine love for the church, and when we desire to see the church grow in love for God and others.”


I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life now, but I believe the Spirit will lead me to where I’m supposed to be. And if that doesn’t ease any anxieties about Mondays, then I don’t know what will.


I hope this post has encouraged you to search yourself for the Holy Spirit. If anything, at least, don’t hate on Mondays. It’s just a day of the week.

But in some cases, it feels much better than that…


A Holy Moly Monday, indeed!



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