I wrote a few days ago on Patience…but I think something that goes in hand with patience is learning how to accept solitude.

I always classified myself as an introvert. I can’t handle huge parties for days on end, and when I have a particularly full week of commitments to people, I tend to go a little crazy and feel myself stretched too thin. Last year, there was one instance where I had to go home for the weekend- I just could not live in a dorm full of people any longer- and that weekend spent alone rejuvenated me.

However, I am realizing that I actually like people more and more. When I don’t have any planned get-togethers with people for several days in a row, I feel anxiously bored, just waiting to do something (even if I have a ton of work to do by myself).

I now realize that there needs to be a balance between time spent with people and time spent alone. (I used to think that I could just write books for a living and not have to interact with anyone..ever.)

But, as we know all too well, balance is hard to find.

So what do you do when you find yourself overrun with bouts of not self-imposed solitary confinement?

You have to accept them.

I’m trying really hard to learn how to do nothing. (And I don’t mean doing nothing, but doing unimportant things alone. Spending time alone.) I have hours upon hours with solely myself now until I go back to college, and it’s testing my patience. But I know that there will be times when I’m at college that I will pray to have more moments like this. So, I’m doing some self improvement work, and hopefully that will prepare me for the next time when I’m having a my-life-is-too-hectic-and-people-annoy-me-too-much moment.

Do you prefer to be alone? Or do you tremble at the thought of not being around people? 


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