Sunday Scallops

Happy Sunday!

One trend that I’ve come to love is scallops. I love scalloped hems on everything- dresses, skirts, shorts, blankets, pillowcases, even curtains. I have been craving more and more scallops as summer goes on, so I have compiled a selection of scalloped pieces that can traverse summer and fall.

jcrew scallops

J Crew

I actually have this dress and will be wearing it for sorority recruitment- it’s a great formal dress, and the navy color makes this dress acceptable for the summer and fall.

rich girl rags scallop

Rich Girl Rags

I am in LOVE with this dress…and it’s only $50! The scallops on the sleeves really sell it for me, AND it can be monogrammed. This dress is the trifecta- scallops, monogrammed, and seersucker. A total win for all preppy girls like me!


lp scallop shorts

Lilly Pulitzer

Anyone who follows Lilly Pulitzer obsessively (cough cough, me) will know that these Buttercup shorts are amazingly cute. Some of the patterns look predominantly summery, but I don’t see what’s the problem with wearing them through September if the weather allows it.


vv scallops

Vineyard Vines

This dress in chambray and scallops is practically perfect in every way. It’s simple, yet the silhouette allows it to be dressy or formal, whatever you wish to use it for. The chambray makes it great for the fall and I would be so lucky to have this in my closet.




 I know it’s a simple design, but this pillow is so cute. It’s pretty pricey, but just look at those edges and the monogram!


It just so happened that my friend Olivia was wearing a scalloped dress at church today! Look how cute it (and she) is! 


Note the scalloped neckline..such a great detail!IMG_1950

Now, truth be told, these are the only kind of scallops I like. The actual food? Not so much. But if I had a full time job, I would need really strong self control skills to not buy all of these scalloped items.  Fingers crossed I get another scalloped dress soon.


Do you like scallops just as much as me? Or is my love borderline maniacally obsessed?


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