Those Manhattan Memories

So…I haven’t blogged in a looooooooooong time. No excuses. I just haven’t.

I’ve traveled so much in these past 3 weeks! To Michigan and back, then to Pennsylvania, then to New York City, then to Alexandria. Finally I will be home for two weeks. This will be the first time all summer that I’ve stayed in one place for longer than 6 days.

I am getting tired of living out of my suitcase.. I love traveling, but when you’re somewhere different all summer, it gets very tiring. I’m excited to go back to college in 24 days so I can just be in one stable place for a while.


IMG_1837 (1)

A random building I took a picture of…

BUT DID I MENTION I WENT TO NEW YORK CITY? It has always been my dream to live in NYC, and my parents always tell me, “Oh, you won’t like it if you actually go there.”

Well, I’ve visited New York, and I am in love.

My dad was on a business trip in New Jersey, so my mom I got approximately 16 hours in the city, spread between two days. We didn’t get to do that many tourist-y things, I mean, we didn’t visit the Statue of Liberty or the Brooklyn Bridge or even the Empire State Building. But we walked A LOT! I think we walked 10 miles in those 16 hours. Boy, were my legs sore the next couple of days.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Times Square- it was always so full of people! But Central Park was drop dead gorgeous, and I really enjoyed walking down Madison Ave and Park Ave.

We didn’t really buy anything in New York…nothing from the expensive shops, just a couple of purposeful tacky souvenirs. Oh, and food. Yes, we bought a lot of food.


The number one lesson I learned from New York? If it’s from a French bakery, it’s going to be good.

IMG_1831 (1)

Pret a Manger has such delicious cookies fresh from the oven!

On our first day, we stopped at Pret a Manger for a quick snack- and this little place has everything. All of their food is made that day and at the end of the day what doesn’t sell goes to feed the homeless. And there are dozens of these cafes all around Manhattan.

Au Bon Pain was our stop for brunch once we got off the bus from New Jersey. I will forever and always love a good chocolate croissant and iced tea-lemonade. My sole regret is that I only had one!

We went to Francois Payard Bakery for lunch. Oh, if I could eat their bread forever I would be perfectly content to gain weight! The pretzel roll sandwich my mom and I both had was the best meal we ate in New York.


Pretzel roll turkey sandwich from Francois Payard


Sea Salt Caramel Macaron yummm

Did I mention their macarons are the best in the world? It’s a little difficult to find macarons in Virginia, but in New York, there were so many stores that sold them! We even found some on a food cart walking through Greeley Square Park. Greeley Square hosts a culinary pop-up  market with dozens of food carts for a couple of months throughout the year called Broadway Bites. Delicious little bites, those were.

Our last moments in New York were spent in the theater- I finally got to see a true Broadway show, Newsies!!! The show was sold out, but we waited in the ‘cancelled ticket’ line, and got in! Six rows from the stage. It was an unbelievable performance, full of dancing (yay!) and singing (yay!) and true New York delight (triple yay!). 


Finally, a real Broadway playbill.

One of my true regrets is that I didn’t get enough pictures of New York. I mean, of course I didn’t want to look like a tourist, but I do wish I had captured more of my favorite memories.

IMG_1873 (1)

Two thumbs up for Snapchat pictures?


But really, who needs to capture those memories when I’m going to be living there someday? 🙂




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