Fly Me To The Moon

Good morning! 

I’m currently sitting in the Detroit airport, waiting for my flight to depart. Yes, I’m spending yet another week away from home. But I’m excited; I’ve never been in Michigan before! 

I was hoping to write some patriotic blog post for the Fourth of July, but amidst the relaxation of my grandparents’ house at the lake, I failed to do so. Uncle Sam will forgive me for that if I just throw in a ‘God Bless America,’ right? 

I love flying. Even though I hate heights, I still love being in the air and looking down at the countryside. I’m always in awe of how neat and organized everything looks from up there. Just looking at every neighborhood, baseball field, and clump of trees makes me think of how long some of these buildings have been there, and how tiny and fragile they look from 10,000 feet high. I think flying makes me appreciate being alive because it reminds us of how easily we could not be alive anymore. The tiniest thing could go wrong on an airplane, and then all of it would be over. Which should be a scary thought, but it’s reassuring to me. To think of how lucky we are to be able to lift hundreds of pounds in the air and transport it across the world, technology is amazing! 

In another life, I would be a Pan Am stewardess. That way I could travel everywhere, and get paid to do so! I desperately want to travel everywhere. As Frank Sinatra says, Fly Me To The Moon.

Long story short, I love flying. Wow, that would have been a short blog post if I had just said that, short and sweet. Oh well, thank you for reading my rambling thoughts while waiting for my plane. We’re boarding now, so I’m (literally) off! 

Bon Voyage!


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