Summer Hair Tips

Ahhhh, summer. Long live those blissful, sunshine filled days spent solely outside in the warm rays… You don’t know what that is either? Good, I’m not alone.

I know a lot of girls who complain about the summer because of the humidity’s distressing effects on their hair. Because I live in Virginia, well, it’s humid for a good portion of the year. Humidity can ruin a good hair day…especially if you want your hair to do something other than its natural style.

How I feel about my hair most of the time

How I feel about my hair most of the time

For me, I’m returning to the skating rink for the summer, where there’s a different kind of humidity brought on by hot temperatures outdoors and cold temperatures indoors. Instead of praising the days spent outside in the sun, I’m now claiming “Long live the endless hours spent inside the skating rink.” On these long, sweat inducing days, my hair routine is as follows: Shower, brush hair, put hair in bun. Sometimes the hair gets dried. Other times if I choose to sleep for 20 more minutes instead…it doesn’t. But my hair stays in a bun ALL DAY. It’s just easier to not have to redo hair 5 different times. But when I finally get home and take my hair out of the bun and brush it…it’s a mess. If I want to go somewhere after skating, such as to the movies with my friends, there’s nothing else I can do other than putting it back up into some sort of ponytail nonsense. I’d really rather not look like a troll doll when going out in public (what happens when my hair is down).

So my healthy hair tips for the summer? Nonexistent.

If someone can teach me how to have healthy, manageable hair after a hard day of skating and exercising, please, let me know so I can share with the world.

If not, please wallow with me in hair induced pities.


One thought on “Summer Hair Tips

  1. I’m with you, girl. I have humidity issues, too. My hair can be frizzy and go flat at the same time, though. Have never understood that one.

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