Sunday Selfie

For many churches throughout my county, today is Graduation Sunday, where we recognize all high school seniors who grew up in the church who are graduating from high school. Some of my closest friends from church were in the grade below me, and are all graduating this week.

Some of them I remember meeting when I was a freshman. Now that I’m done with my freshman year of college, they are about to enter theirs. It’s really exciting and extremely sad at the same time!

I had a hard time going to college because half of my small group from church stayed at home (to finish high school). But now, all of us are going to different parts of the country for school. It’s harder to keep in touch when everyone is so spread out, but I guess that’s just what happens when you become an adult, right?

I never realized how much I would enjoy watching others grow up. It all seems so fun to look back on your own life and count all of the fun memories you’ve had, but I find it even more noteworthy to remember the events from another’s point of view.

Congratulations to all the high school seniors and soon to be graduates. In the words of Elle Woods, “You did it!”

College may not always be easy, but trust me: it will always be worth it.


My gorgeous friends, Olivia, Rachel, and Catherine

My gorgeous and graduating friends, Olivia, Rachel, and Catherine 


Happy Sunday.


P.S. Life lesson #451: One should always take silly Sunday selfies. 



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