In Summer’s Swing

You know, when I said that I would have more time to blog after final exams were over, I really thought I was going to be right. However, sometimes life decides that you don’t need a break after all. In the 18 days since I’ve left college, I’ve been home for two days, in Northern Virginia for 3 days, North Carolina for a day, back home for the night, then back to Northern Virginia, and then back to North Carolina for a week long (and much needed) vacation, and now I’m home for Memorial Day weekend before heading back to Northern Virginia in a couple of days.

I never imagined my summer would be THIS crazy.

And with all my traveling, you would have thought I would have learned by now how to pack lightly.

I haven’t.


But what I have learned is that vacation is necessary. I had never been on a self-termed “vacation” for more than 4 days before. My week in North Carolina was the first week that I didn’t feel tied to a computer or forced to work really hard. I got to do things that I wanted to do, like take really long walks on the beach and actually finish a book in less than a month. Some people know how to turn their brains off regularly to allow themselves to take an actual break in the midst of a busy week, but I haven’t managed to figure that out yet. I know I’m still growing up and I have a lot more to learn before I get to full fledged adulthood. But I can finally appreciate the mindset that relaxation is key to a happy lifestyle. I always thought that if I worked hard enough, my hard work would make me happy and therefore I wouldn’t need to take a break ever. Maybe soon I’ll have it drilled into my head that breaks are necessary to optimal funcitoning. And now, I can say with a smile, that I’m ready to delve back into my busy summer headfirst with no regrets about missing out on anything.


I don’t know if your summer has started yet, but if it has, whatever you’re doing, don’t forget to take a vacation for yourself. It’s a good kickstarter to any summer full of work OR play.


P.S. I do sincerely hope I can reserve more time for blogging has it has indeed been too long since I last wrote. I will be sure to keep you up to date about the current events in my life as soon as I can. Happy Summer!



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