Productivity at its finest

Don’t look at me like that… I know. It’s been a while, old friend, hasn’t it?

I’ve been very productive lately..but not efficient. I’ve been studying and working out a lot, but I’ve been neglecting other areas of my life, like this blog and reading for pleasure. 

For me, being in college means taking on too much than I can handle and expecting to handle it. Hopefully after these four years I’ll learn how to balance everything, but since my brain isn’t fully developed yet, I have to expect of myself that I’m going to make mistakes. I’m not going to be able to do everything I want to. That’s just life. I don’t know how many other ‘apology’ posts I’m going to have to do, but I feel like it’s best to be honest.

I really wish there were 35 hours in a day instead of 24. But, because this blog doesn’t make money or isn’t graded, I’m going to have to put it on the back burner. Don’t worry, I’m still going to blog, it just may end up being once every two weeks for now, until my classes ease up or until I study myself silly and need an outlet.

My mom always told me to be productive. Which, don’t get me wrong, is a great trait to be. But I prefer being efficient. Efficiency gets more done in a bunch of different areas, like instead of in one day organizing an entire closet, you organize all the closets.

So I’m just letting all of you know that these sound words of advice from me won’t be happening all that often anymore. I just didn’t want any of you waiting and wondering, “When’s another post? I just can’t wait to read Sparkles & Solutions today, but alas it’s not here!!!” (I’m joking, no one’s that enthusiastic about my blog (yet!).)

So my last words: Don’t be productive, be efficient!

 be efficient


One thought on “Productivity at its finest

  1. I totally understand, but I love your blogs. Please write when you can. You are quite good at it and entertaining as always. Now get back to studying…

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