When the Suitcase is Half Full

I have a love/hate relationship with packing. I love organizing everything (read: cramming as much stuff as possible into the 5 bags I’ve allowed myself), but I hate leaving places. There’s this romantic side of me that loves to just throw caution to the wind and go, but then there’s the nostalgic side that feels afraid and nervous to leave.


Spring Break has ended, so I’m packing up to go back to school. I wouldn’t say I was ready to leave at all (how could one ever be ready to leave their home, even if they know they’re coming back soon?), but I knew it had to be done. Alas, aren’t there colleges online these days?

I love my college, I really do, however, it just feels good to be at home. It’s amazing being at home. There are less responsibilities, your own room (and couch), your pets, and an easiness of living that is missing in college (at least in my opinion). I’m spoiled for being an only child, and I get that not everyone feels this way, but no one can deny that it isn’t just a tad sad leaving your family for an extended period of time.

I may be a little too attached to my house and family, but I know I’m coming back to that house and them. There may be a day where I know I won’t return to that house, and one day they won’t be there. This may be morbid, but it’s reality. Instead of packing up belongings, I’ll have to be packing up memories, so that when the suitcase is half full of the great things that passed there, so can my head.


Anyways, Spring Break is over, and back to the grind of college. This week long break was definitely what I needed to be more focused for the remaining two months of college. I’m ready to show those professor’s who’s boss!

If you’re still on Spring Break or your break is just beginning, relish it. Count the laughs, not the arguments. Being at home may be stressful for some of you, but remember: one day you won’t have these moments anymore, so cherish them while they last.



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