So…It’s been quite a long time since I’ve last written anything. I could blame my busy life and midterms, or I could just state it how it is and move on. 

However…I’m not the best when it comes to being efficient. I am great at multitasking, but I can only do a max of four items at a time. And this past week has had me juggling seven things at once. Hopefully I can sit down and actually write sometime in the near future (I’m trying to schedule time on Sunday). If not, then I sincerely apologize. 

But until then, here is some inspiration if you (like me) have to work through the weekend:


Persistence is central to being successful. Success is not based on talent, money, fame, or the amount of Louis Vuitton you own. It’s the quality of work YOU do, and the only way to do quality work is to keep trying. I may not always keep going (as much as I should) when the going gets extremely face-in-the-mud difficult..but I’m trying to and I hope you can too! 


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