On those stressful days..

I try to operate on a high level of efficiency at all times. I am most likely always multitasking, and when I’m not, I feel so anxious to do more than one thing at a time. It’s a crazy way to live, no doubt about it. 

There are some days when I just have trouble thinking. When I’m mentally and physically exhausted from all the stress I put on myself, I have learned that I cannot continue to function properly.

So! Here are some ways to rejuvenate your body and mind when you feel like the aftermath of a hurricane. 

1. Nap. Naps are the most glorious thing ever. I mean ever. Naps work best for me whenever I’m tired, although they may make you even more tired…but it’s so much fun to nap! To avoid the stress of your day and ease into unconscious dreamworld…nothing can beat it! 

2. Take a shower. If you live in a college dorm like me, this may not be the most peaceful option…because college dorms are gross. But, if your water pressure is good and you have a fluffy loofa, go nuts! Showers can wake you up, making you feel energized. It’s like a new start to your day. 

3. Reconnect with an old friend. Now, this may sound like a weird one, but calling an old friend and talking for 20 minutes or so can really boost your mood, which makes you feel ready for any work to come your way. 

4. Have a healthy snack. Lots of nutritionists agree that certain foods can reenergize you. I’ve never personally tried this option, as healthy foods are not my strong point, but there’s lots of science out there to back up this claim.


Today I was feeling oh so sleepy all morning, and I just couldn’t wake up or concentrate on any of my work. I tried to take a nap, but that just didn’t help. My friend was feeling the same way, so we decided to go on a search for a bakery. We found the cutest little shop, filled with all kinds of bread and chocolate. Chocolate mousse and assorted macarons are the best ways to reenergize!

(I know people say sugar is NOT the answer, but in this case, it was!)

I have been craving macarons for days. I was about to order them online for a pretty high price, that’s how bad I wanted them! But now that I’ve found a place within walking distance from my dorm, I will definitely be visiting on my bad days. I mean, just look at how cute they are!


photo (1)

photo (2)photo (3)

photo (4)

Yes…it was that easy to finish them all. 


Needless to say, sometimes you just need a chocolate break. 


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