Ooh La La

As we all are aware, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. And nothing says Valentine’s Day like some new arrivals from Kate Spade New York based on Paris! 

Quite recently, I’ve been wanting to go to Paris. The Buzzfeed Where should you actually live quiz told me I should live in Paris, so I obviously should go there, right? Well, Kate Spade’s new collection boasts tons of pink, blue, polka dots, and ooh la las. 

In addition to loving the French language (none of which I can speak) and learning about the French Revolution, I’m in LOVE with this collection. Like seriously…I want every. single. piece. 


And, just like all of these other fashion related posts, here are my top picks!


This bag. Right here. It evokes that upper class bourgeois sense of the typical Parisian cafe, filled with bakery sweets, outdoor aromas, and French livelihood. Ah, the life. 


Kate Spade book clutches are the best. They rival Olympia Le Tan’s, except they cost way less. By my research, this isn’t a real book, which saddened me when I found out…. but if it were, I would totally read it on Valentine’s Day. Because who needs a boyfriend when there’s Paris to be explored? 



I love anything Herringbone. The pockets add that little extra oomph to turn the dress from commonplace to fabulous. If I try to explain my love for this anymore..I might explode. 



The color, the shape, that BOW. Parisian Perfection, of course. 



This scarf gets two pictures because well, it needs it. It creates a huge desire for wanderlust for me. And rightly so! I would wear that scarf whenever I travel…if only…..


And last but not least, this necklace. Kate Spade jewelry are always a hit or miss for me…I either really love them or think they’re way too gaudy to wear in real life. As busy as this necklace is, I really like it. Gold and pearls are two of my favorite things, and this necklace includes all of the traditional Kate Spade items- the spade, the “live colorfully” charm, the key, the shoe, and the bow. Every Kate Spade girl should have this necklace. 


I only picked a few of the items from the new collection, but I have serious envy of all of them. What I would do with unlimited money…. But nevertheless, I hope that by browsing these very beautiful items, your spirits have lifted if this Monday just wasn’t your day! 

P.S. If there is anyone out there who wants to buy a girl a special gift for Valentine’s Day, I’m not opposed to chocolate or Kate Spade. 



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