A Refocused Year

It has come to my attention that I am lacking when it comes to this blog. The title, Sparkles and Solutions, is supposed to focus on fun, happy things in life while also providing a solution to every day problems. I easily give my hardly warranted advice on problems I find in MY life, without regard to happier things.

These things that I’m deeming “happier” are more superficial, material items. Like clothes, music, film, books, etc…happier things that can make someone more  (or less in certain cases) cultured.


Basically, this annoying wording comes down to one simple idea: I’m going to stop always talking about myself and my ideas on ideas, and rather write about my ideas on things. I want to have a happy balance of “life posts” and “thing posts”. So, you have my annoying ideas about whatever strikes my fancy to look forward to now!

In all sincerity, I do wish to thank you for reading this blog. I know it’s new and I’m still getting my feet under me, but I really hope that in due time it becomes well read and well respected. So without further ado, here’s to the refocused blog!




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