Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Oh the bliss.

How nice it is to fall asleep for an afternoon nap in your own bed, with the warm sun shining in, with the smell of chicken being cooked, and both parents less stressed than before. This HARDLY ever happens. Now, how can this lucky day have happened if classes just started again and it’s not yet spring break?

Sometimes we get these really perfect moments of peace and you just have to take them. In the very hectic and busy life I lead, sometimes it’s necessary to stop for 4 hours and de-stress. Okay, so maybe more often than sometimes… but I tend to forget that I need to recharge my batteries. And it just feels so much better when your parents can recharge their batteries at the same time. Sure, I won’t have this nice sense of serenity in 5 hours, or when I return to school, or during my next test, but I will enjoy this nice and needed nap for 2 hours while I can.

It’s the little things in life, guys.

How I came to this nice break without having first suffered a mental breakdown, well that’s a longer story. Yes, a story longer than a mental breakdown. Suffice to say, I’m ready to enter this upcoming week with a stronger sense of focus and higher mental capacity because I’ve been able to rid my mind of disturbances. Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to recenter your life for the upcoming week. I intend to do something I thoroughly enjoy every Sunday, to make the new week better. I invite you to do the same. Monday mornings are a beast to get through, and I’m all for just deleting them off the face of the planet. (But we’re not gods…) So, we must grin and bear it, and if you had a nice, lazy Sunday, the forced grin will soon turn into a full fledged smile for Mondays. 

Because really, if I’m not stressed, why should you be?



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