Baby Come Back

We welcomed the new year with open arms, prayed for snow, and even slept in until 2 p.m., but vacation ends for everyone at some time or another. And now, a week and a half into the new month and year, this amazing time of relaxation has to depart. Ah, the life of a college student.

That’s right. Back to Campus.


While we were away, I know the academic buildings mourningly rang out all the verses of Player’s Baby Come Back, with the dorm halls echoing in the chorus each time and the dining halls musing the electric guitar. But, to the campus’ delight and the college students’ chagrin, we’re back.

I made the short hour and some change journey back to campus today. Thankfully, I devoted this entire day to moving back to campus, because what fun are road trips if you are worrying about getting there on time? Needless to say, this trip was stress-less and a much needed start to this semester.

If you follow my blog, you will see that last semester was no easy mountain for me to climb. I took on more than I could handle while transitioning from high school to college…not the smartest idea in the book! However, I am more optimistic for this semester. I know myself better and I have a handy dandy belt of tools to keep me safe and sane:

    1. No over committing yourself.

I completely shot this horse in the dark last semester. I took the whole “I’m-not-gonna-be-homesick-I’m-gonna-do-something” route…and it backfired. By over committing myself, I ran myself into the ground and no longer enjoyed what I was doing. advice? Don’t do it.

    1. Do not take as many naps.

I’m probably one of these really strange people who love taking naps, but I hate the way they make me feel (cognitive dissonance much?) I always felt that I wasted half of the day, and consequently stayed up half the night, which required me to take a nap the next day…it was a vicious cycle, one which I’m trying to avoid this semester.

    1. Dress to impress.

My “new year’s resolution” is to always look good. I know that’s impossible and vague, but I always want to look presentable. Back in the day before modernism, women were expected to look put together and clean all the time in public. I so desperately long to live in those times, so why not start by adopting a few of their ideals? Plus, it feels good to look fabulous. 

    1. Exercise.

Hahahahaha, oh college. I definitely left off a whole section when I was planning my life at the beginning of last semester (I attribute it to freshman nerves)..I forgot to exercise! I don’t know if forget is the operative word, but I definitely didn’t do it. And I definitely don’t like the way it feels. So (fingers crossed) that’s going to change.

    1. Know your limits.

This goes along with number 1. Know what you can and cannot do, know what you want to and don’t want to do. I may have said yes to things I wasn’t exactly certain on, whether it was that I wasn’t certain if I wanted to do it or certain that I couldn’t do it, I may have just accepted a job because it’s easier than saying no. But I have said yes way too many times, and this semester, I’m going to start saying no before I break myself any more.

    1. Trust yourself.

The key to success is confidence. And not just confidence in your words, confidence in your actions. I know I can talk a big talk, but when it comes down to it, I’m really self conscious about the decisions I make. And this semester I’m going to trust my gut, walk (not just talk) with confidence, and achieve more than I can envision (a daunting task, I know.)

Now I know that these words may be nothing more than a verbal (or written) announcement of ideals least likely to happen. However, this semester is already starting out with a bright side: no roommate. I had trouble with my roommate last semester, and with the Lord as my Savior, she transferred to a different college. So currently, I am living in a double room as a single person. (Can I get an Amen to that?) By the end of the semester I may be jonesing for some company, but right now, it’s peachy keen over here in my dorm kingdom.

I’ve had my fair share of troubles, but I really want this semester to be impactful, not just for my career, but for the others around me (more on that later!). I’m excited for college (finally), and I plan to make the best of it starting…NOW. 


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