Oh, New York.

 I found this shirt on the Scotch & Soda website and I fell in love immediately. 

“I can’t afford to (heart) NY, but I know he loves me.”

This quote perfectly sums up how I’ve been feeling these past couple of months. I have been craving a trip to New York for the longest time now. But, as a high school student and now college freshman, the funds for a quick vacation to the big apple isn’t really in the cards. (But, this semester my mother made a deal with me that I can go if I make the Dean’s List…what an incentive!)

Now, I’ve never actually been to New York City before. So I’m sure you’re thinking, how can you love a city you’ve never seen? My answer is always, “I just know I’ll love it.” 

And I’m sticking with that. NYC is home to many people, those just starting out, those finishing their life; it’s where people can make it big or just struggle to live. Even through all the filth and grime of the city’s worse parts, in my opinion, it just feels like it’s filled with hope

I honestly think that hope is the single most important thing to this world. I think the world needs more of it, because who can feel discouraged when hope is predominately everywhere? I apologize for being a little rant-y here, but who ever benefits from being lazy? Why do some people become lazy? Because they feel like things are  hopeless. When hope is gone, there’s not much else that can excite you into continuing a good job or having a life. With all of the dreams stuffed into the crevices of skyscrapers in New York, hope is not lost there. 

New York City is full of doers, and that is exactly what I want to become. A person that does something and realizes the effect it has on the world. So many great people live, have lived, and will live there. And I want to be one of them (a blog post on this idea of “greatness” will be up shortly). That’s why I know I already love NYC without even being there. 

So, hopefully one day I can afford to (heart) New York, because I know it will love me back. 

(And yes, when I finally get to the big city I will chronicle my adventures thoroughly.)

Is there a city or place you know you love without having been there before? 


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