When Inspiration is Gone

They say that inspiration is drawn from the weakest times in life. Artists in low periods of their life often create their most beautiful works. The songs that turn up on Billboard’s Top Charts are the most heartbreaking. Because we learn lessons from difficult times.

I completely understand this; there have been nights where I couldn’t stop writing because I had so many emotion-filled thoughts I just had to get out. Nights where I couldn’t sleep because my words felt necessary, the things I had faced and learned felt (to me) that they had to be shared with the rest of the world.

But now, the real question is this: What do you write about during the good times?

The upswings of life are the easiest to transcend without much reflection. We don’t have to think about how to make them better; we are just happy that they are light and airy.

Being back home from college is amazing. I would love to stay here in this calorie induced food filled, anxiety ridden home forever. But isn’t that exactly what a vacation is supposed to be?

I’m glad. I’m so glad to be here. However, it puts me in a tricky spot.

I no longer know what to write about.

Whenever I’m having an especially rough day, I can always turn to my computer and pour out my feelings and normally turn them into some sort of inspiration for a blog post.

But being serenely happy for the past two weeks..I’ve sort of lost my touch.

So now I’m asking…what do you want to hear my thoughts about?

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3 thoughts on “When Inspiration is Gone

  1. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

    It’s such a Catch 22 situation isn’t it? We all like to be happy, but our writing can really suffer for that. It’s why summer can be so hard to find inspiration when it’s the hot, sunny, fun-filled days. I find listening to really inspiring music or maybe even watching a really epically sad movie or music video can get your mind back into the creative mode.

    Good blog post!

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