Christmastime was Here

It’s December 27th, so..Christmas is definitely over. Christmas is a time of happiness, sharing joy (and baked goods) with loved ones, and the holly jolly spirit.

But it ends so quickly.

There is at least a whole month of buildup…as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are cleaned, so begins the Christmas decorating, the Christmas preparing, and the Christmas worrying.

When the day finally arrives, everyone can enjoy the peace and content running through houses across the world. But, as soon as it came, it’s gone. By Monday, everyone will have gotten back to their normal lives, forgoing all tales of the Christmas spirit.

In my mind, it seems wrong to just forget what Christmas is about. Now, I’m not going to get religious on you and explain that we should remember Christmas because it’s Jesus’ birth. Well, it is, but my point here is that Christmas is a time to be less busy, less focused on ourselves, and less involved in the material world. If we keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all the time, maybe, just maybe, will there be fewer stressed out employees, fewer angry parents, and less resentful teenagers.

Keep the Christmas Spirit, Y’all. 

calvin christmas


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