This Holiday Season

I apologize for the lateness of posting, but the holiday season is one that waits for no one!

To start the extended list of things I’ve learned this holiday season, let’s begin:

I arranged an intimate gathering with my old small group friends a couple of weeks ago. There would be about 7 of us, we would dress up in fancy attire and have what I like to call- a cocktail-less cocktail party. (Because none of us are over 21 and we aren’t allowed to drink alcohol duh.)

I had casually extended the offer to plus 1’s of their choice (the more the merrier, right?) My good friend had the idea to make every girl bring a guy from our church to the party.. to make it more interesting and to mix the college freshmen with the high school seniors. And I thought, why not! I can totally do this.

I was a bit wrong.

Forgoing the fact that I arrived home from college a mere 26 hours before this party, I was in high spirits. I would quickly and effortlessly clean the entire downstairs of my house, prepare enough food for 14  people, and look upper class chic while doing so.

Trying to make a suburban home look like a 5 star hotel is no easy feat, I tell you. And doing it in 8 hours, even less easy. Now, preparing elegant food is costly and difficult. Needless to say I hadn’t enough food ready when they all arrived. 

Once they ate, they looked at me, expecting something. 


I was supposed to prepare something to do as well? That aspect hadn’t crossed my mind at all. I had been so busy making sure everything looked nice that I forgot how to make sure everyone had fun. 

We solved this dilemma by playing games we had played during church retreats, and the night was filled with merriment and cheer. 

The party was not a huge failure, but I learned one important thing:

Never ever host a holiday party without a catering service. 

Happy Holidays!


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