The Lowdown on…the Bathroom Standoff

It’s time to talk freely about an issue that everyone experiences, especially in a community bathroom. 

It becomes that time of the day know.. you have to….go….to the bathroom. 

And not just the normal, run of the mill kind of movement. 

The…I really have to go, right now! type. 

So, you sneak along the walls, all Bond-esque and hope that no one was following you. You look to both sides, and sneak through the door. You pray that no one else is in the bathroom, but low and behold. There was already someone in the bathroom before you. 

You choose the stall farthest away from said bathroom invader and hope their departure is as swift as your entrance.

But alas.

You sit down, and the Bathroom Standoff ensues. 

Now, the Bathroom Standoff is the unspoken tension between the two in their respective stalls, each hoping that the other one will leave so that the remaining person can do their business in privacy. (Because sometimes you just can’t go if someone else is there!)

I have failed the Bathroom Standoff many times, and it gives me great (intestinal) pain to do so. 

However, sometimes the courteous thing to do is to give another person their space to release whatever needs to be released. I’m sure I would appreciate it if the Bathroom Standoff didn’t always have to happen — or maybe if I didn’t have to lose as much. But we need to stop being selfish and start allowing others to freely go to the bathroom without adding the social tension. Going to the bathroom should be a recluse from the strains of society, the necessary alone time we all need from the chaos of the difficult world in which we live. And that is why I vote to eliminate the Bathroom Standoff. 

I really hope this post was the necessary public service announcement the world needed. 

Now go forth dear friends, and leave the Bathroom Standoff in the toilet, or so to speak. We don’t need any more tension in the world than there needs to be, and if we eliminate the Bathroom Standoff, we can let the public bathroom be a peaceful place. 

Start with a bathroom, and soon the whole world will be filled with less tension and more peace. 

And there you have it, my p.s.a. and hope for the day. 


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