Review of Kate Spade’s New Collection

Let it be a little known fact about my life that I am capital O Obsessed with Kate Spade New York. 

I was so excited when I got to college where a Kate Spade store was 10 minutes away that I got a job there…as a freshman. 

Sidebar: I work at the outlet store, so we don’t carry the same product that is featured on the website. Total bummer, right? 

But, working there doesn’t mean I can’t online shop and be in awe of every single thing this company produces. (I am probably Kate Spade’s biggest fangirl.) So I was super excited to see their new collection!

This collection is a tribute to America, boasting shades of red, white, and blue in nearly every piece. In every collection there are one or two mottos or idioms that circulate the handbags or small leather goods; i.e. the holiday collection’s motto was a quote from Dorothy Parker, “I love a good martini, two at the most, three I’m under the table, and four I’m under the host.” And this quote was such a good motto to use to represent the holiday cocktail party style that every Kate Spade girl dreams of. 

However, for the new year, things were a little different. 

This collection’s idiom pays homage to the good old fashioned declaration that you might be losing your mind:

“Get Out Of Town”


This common saying of the mid to late 1900’s captures the clean, good, fun aspect that Kate Spade tries so hard to pinpoint. “Get out of town” was the saying back in the day when you wanted to tell someone “You’re kidding!” or, in a more serious manner “Please be lying.” Nowadays, we just say, “Shut up!” but as the Princess Diaries reminds us, that may not be the most ladylike thing to say. This new collection’s idiom reminds us of the classic American beauty, full of grace and elegance, but still had fun. And that is something all of us girls could do well to go back to. 

Classic styles like the Bon Shopper and the Beau Bag return, in these Americana colors that will do well to ring in the New Year, keeping the focus on both our country and our personal style. 



2 Park Avenue Small Beau Bag


Some of my personal favorites: 



Georgica Road Silka in Maraschino/Rosy Dawn




Stergis Trench in French Navy


Karolina Bow Heel in Turquoise


No Strings Attached Idiom Bangle


And don’t even get me started on the dresses for this collection….I’m IN LOVE with this one: 


Britta Dress

It’s perfect for an afternoon picnic or a night at the cinema.


While the jewelry in this collection contains nautical charm to rival that of Nautica, no one can deny that this collection is full of class and sass. The footwear boasts the signature Kate Spade bow, which will always be a classic in my book. The tech cases are superior, and I want to own one of everything (which is not abnormal). 

Like always, I cannot wait to see what the next collection brings. But for now, I will be content to shamelessly gawk over every item until they all disappear. 

Happy Shopping!


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