My Secret Obsession


Lately, I have become addicted to Gossip Girl. Maybe it’s the draw of Upper East Side living, the city itself, or the fashionable clothes they wear every single day, but if I were to be able to switch places with the characters, one might say I would be “a little ecstatic.”

However, the problem arises from their lives being so attractive to us, middle class civilization folk. The show is full of drama, which as we’ve experienced in high school is the biggest nuisance to get through each year. If we hate it right now in our own lives, why would we want to suffer through it in another? Now, the drama is stirred up by each individual character, because keeping secrets is something good, right? (Wrong.)

But every preppy girl who gets pulled in to the show aspires to be Blair Waldorf. Blair Waldorf has some major character flaws, her pride being one of them, yet the show portrays them as good things, not necessary to fix about herself. If we were all to be Blair Waldorfs, we would have a lot more problems than Healthcare reform.

If every girl who watches the show tries to be Blair Waldorf, then she is hiding the part of her that makes her uniquely her. We can’t act like a real life Blair Waldorf would be a good thing, and we can’t pretend we are.

I’m not going to stop watching the show (like I said, addicted), but let’s keep in mind that through any television show, movie, fantastic book, we can’t act like that person is who we are. We must forge our own path to greatness and hope that one day one little girl will look to us and aspire to be us, a real life leader in our community.

Don’t forget you are the master of your own future, and that makes you uniquely you. 


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