Confessions of an Only Child

Being the only child in the house has its advantages. No siblings to fight for the bathroom, plenty of food for yourself on the table, no sharing toys, and mom and dad bonding to the max. But the disadvantages no one talks about: the horrible high and mighty complex that develops through the years.

Let me be very frank- I’m used to getting what I want. I will be the first to admit that it is a downfall to my character, but to make things clear, things are handed to me. I work for them just as hard as anyone else, and I succeed.

However, since coming to college, I never expected it to be any different. I was accepted to most of the colleges I applied to, so applying to things in college should be the same, right? During my first semester, I applied to 6 different programs and have been rejected- from all of them.

I won’t deny that this hasn’t hurt my pride at all, but it hasn’t discouraged me from applying to things in the future. I know that suddenly not getting what you want after years of favorable treatment is a hard adjustment. But if you are where I am now, don’t fret.


Another piece of advice from my well-aged mind (joking…I’m only 19):

Don’t apply to things you don’t actually want to go to.

I applied to several programs I knew would be too expensive for me to attend; I just wanted to be able to say that I was accepted. I believe not being accepted was a blessing in disguise because it showed me that it’s okay if I don’t do this one thing.

Being rejected from one, two, or even five things has no bearing on your future. If you’re used to getting what you want, stop being used to it. I know I have to.

And let’s face it, nothing drives motivation more than being told, “No.”


Happy Sunday, everyone. 


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