Since graduating high school, I’ve felt like I have no goal, no sense of purpose in the college world. I’m at a very competitive school, where everyone else enrolled was in the top ten percent of their class, just like me. No one person is more successful than the other. It’s very unsettling for me, who was used to working very hard, but then being rewarded for all of my hard work with a high GPA, loving teachers, and an award.

But here, at college, it seems that no matter how hard you try, someone else is going to outdo you. For me, that makes trying very hard, knowing that I won’t be the best or better than someone else anymore. But being successful at college is not about the grades, or how many clubs you’re in, or how much volunteer work you do. Being successful is all about your external view of the world; if you’re happy, then I would consider you a success. And that’s just something I myself am trying to work towards. 



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