An Introduction of Sorts….

Hi, my name is Leigh, and I curated this blog, Sparkles & Solutions. (Aren’t ampersands the best?!)

I say curated because it’s a cool word and also because at times this blog may not have content that I created; it may be a collection of things that I find noteworthy throughout the web. 

I’m starting this blog because, being a freshman in college, I am very stressed. And blogging helps me de-stress and calm down. 

(And I like to talk, and writing is like talking, and here I pretend to talk to a thousand people at once and it makes me feel like a queen.)

But all in all, this blog will include things that I find interesting, pretty, thought provoking, along with my thoughts about life and its mishaps on the way. 

So, to start things off, my favorite TED talk:

Sarah Kay’s ‘If I should have a daughter’ TED talk

I hope you enjoy and continue to read!

P.S. Click the link. It will change your life. Do it. Now. 


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